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November 18 2017



men call ships and bombs “she” because they are inanimate objects completely controlled, owned and manipulated by men for their own personal gain, not because they look at powerful things and think of women


It’s bigger than football...he’s bigger than football.







I’m reblogging this every time I see it. 

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Can we talk about this please? (x)

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This shit used to hurt me so much. Now when I go shopping I don’t even touch shit unless I know I want it lol cus I know that pain

i’m that person you see folding something and putting it back after i’ve looked at it lol

^^^ And if I can’t fold it back perfectly they’re gonna at least see that I tried.



Worked in retail almost half a decade, and let me tell y'all this is daily, not just Black Friday or summer sales.

I’ve had people look me straight in the eyes while they knock over a perfectly folded stack of shirts off a table so they could put down their Starbucks cup. People leave food, drinks, diapers, used pads and bandages, even one time an actual syringe on tables.

I’ve had people destroy entire displays and complain about how dirty and “why don’t employees respect their own store” while I was directly next to them frantically trying to fix what they, themselves, just messed up.

This shit is so ingrained in me now that I fixed displays while on vacation in Disney World for a full half hour.

And before anyone says anything, no, actually picking up after grown adults that should know better, it actually isn’t my job to clean up after you all day. We have customer service, check for product, work the registers, keep the bathrooms clean, deal with angry customers, try to prevent shop lifting, and keep the store running. Recovery (fixing displays) is supposed to be low on our list because people aren’t supposed to be selfish shitheads. If you wouldn’t destroy your friend’s house, don’t destroy retail shops.

I’ve literally had people ask me if I work at several stores before because I’m cleaning up after myself??? like they are asking me for help and I’m like “idk I don’t work here” then they are like “then why are you cleaning?”

(Ex)-retailers habitually making messy stuff neat is so true.

I go to stores for grocery shopping and I still move things around to their correct places just because it’s both habit and the workers just need some nice things



when you’re cozy in bed and you hear heavy rain reblog if you agree

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im there



‘Marvel deliberately cut a scene in which Valkyrie’s bisexuality is made explicit’





ok tier: villain listening to classical music as they fuck shit up

good tier: villain listening to 80s music as they fuck shit up

god tier: villain listening to “toxic” by britney spears as they fuck shit up

legendary tier: villain listening to “Africa” by Toto as they fuck shit up

this is the only good addition to this post

November 17 2017




tumblr posts in mla format

Orcpussy. “Americans be eating cheesed burger.” Tumblr, 2017.

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nobody likes to die at the hospital

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For now and always 👩🏾❤️👩🏽✨










i just discovered the term ‘black knighting’ courtesy of reddit and i want to vomit :) 

i can never believe how much men hate women. it just keeps getting worse and worse

I’ve never heard of that. Is it new? And what is it? I have a bad suspicion… :(

no idea how new it is, as i typically avoid reddit like the plague (but i discovered this term through the link to the gendercritical subreddit) 

“A Black Knight is someone who pisses women off for entertainment.“ as opposed to a White Knight aka someone that stands up for women in order to try and get sex :/

here are some excerpts, courtesy of theredpill

on the subject of a woman walking away from you at night: “I’m just a man who decided to run an errand at night. Next time this happens jog after her. There is no law against jogging. Chase her for a while and then stop. Enjoy the fear you created. Woof woof you stupid cunt.”

on the subject of what they called “biological warfare”: “How do you exploit these two weaknesses? Start baking for the office. See how much butter and sugar you can make the little piggies eat. With sustained effort everyone will be up ten pounds in three to six months.”

“Fructose has various nasty biological effects when consumed in excess.
Main ones we are interested in are raised blood trigs, adiposity and increased appetite (outside of normal insulin fuckery, but related).“

“Try replacing the fructose with a sugar alcohol like sorbitol. For a portion of the population, it causes “gastric distress” - diarrhea and gas, mostly.”

another story that im gonna paraphrase: guy didnt like his female boss, she was stressed over a project, someone “accidentally” sent flowers to the wrong desk- to HER boss- with a note saying “the interview went great and we look forward to working with you next month!” to make it look like she was secretly searching for another job. she got fired within the week.

using the womans bathroom at starbucks, which one man described as “empowering in a red pill way” because of course most women are going to look confused if not upset… clearly beyond the red piller to imagine reasons a man might enter a womans restroom besides to go to the bathroom

some things fairly innocuous like leaving empty condom wrappers in womens restrooms and stuff…. to intentionally trying to intimidate women, getting a woman fired, etc. men harassing women in various ways, “for teh lulz” i guess. 

We could never hate men as much as they hate us.

Andrea Dworkin recommended for the women of the 21st century to harden our hearts and learn to kill. Perhaps she was right.

women who hate men want to distance ourselves from men, have our own communities, when women hate men, we want to get away from men. When men hate women they do the exact opposite, they invade our spaces, harass us, intimidate us, stalk us, are violent against us. It doesn’t matter how much women hate men, we don’t hate men the way they hate us.

^^^ the last comment is so important

That last comment really hit the nail on the head, I was just trying to articulate that exact thought earlier today.

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if ur not​ black, u can’t say any form of nigger. this is including nonblack poc who try to reclaim it bc someone called them a sand nigger or a prairie nigger. Like fuck off and don’t say a word that doesn’t belong to you

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Viola Davis is the beauty ambassador we need

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Valkyrie isn’t ‘Male-Coded’ And You’re Kinda Racist

Valkyrie is a sensitive, multifaceted character who pushes past her pain in order to do the right thing and winds up starting to heal because of it. She’s a war veteran and a queer woman who lose EVERYTHING she loved and the unit she was a part of. You can’t ignore what her arc in the film – or what Hela did to her crew – means when you connect it to queer survival.

You can’t pretend that it exists untethered to centuries of queer and brown people hurting and healing.

If you, like the original poster, thinks that Valkyrie wasn’t good as a female character (“but hela was pretty great even if she has a bit of the same problem”), maybe you’re not in a position to understand that…

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you ever just get the strongest urge to get back in bed

like the min my ass leaves the sheets

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